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Inspection Services

E2E’s delivers Exceptional Metrology Services

Unleashing Precision

At End 2 End Manufacturing, our commitment is to provide outstanding Metrology Services leveraging Zeiss expertise and state-of-the-art technology. Drawing upon our extensive background in engineering, manufacturing, and machining, our proficient team offers holistic solutions that surpass expectations. Explore the precision of our analytical insights, visually engaging graphics, and efficient turnaround times.

We offer top-tier Zeiss CMM Programming solutions, comprehensive support for inspection programming and fixture designs.

Contract Services Provided:

Our Format's

Orbiting Around Sphere



Graphic representation of form and surfaces from a CMM inspection machine is achieved by capturing precise measurement data, processing it through specialized software, and generating visual representations that aid in understanding the dimensional characteristics and quality of the inspected object.



Spreadsheets from a CMM inspection machine involves exporting the measurement data into a structured spreadsheet format. This format enables easy data analysis, manipulation, and sharing, supporting further calculations, statistical analysis, and documentation of the inspection results.


Calypso Reports

Calypso Reports from a CMM inspection machine involves capturing precise measurement data, analyzing it within the Calypso software, and generating structured reports that include dimensional measurements, graphical representations, statistical analyses, and visual indications of deviations.

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