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CNC Machining - Computer Numerical Control

Machining for Precision and Speed 

Our Service

Parts and products created through machining methods can be a great option for proving out a design for production or creating a final product.

Our agile process means that we can complete complicated machine products within 2-3 days. This results in decreases of 2-3 weeks on a design cycle, allowing our clients to work swiftly and efficiently through their project phases. This speed of service benefits all clients but can be especially valuable when a project is pre-revenue and bottom lines are crucial.

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Intricate Parts



High Efficiency

High Precision

Optimal Cutting

Improved Accuracy

Quality Finish



Flat 2D & 2.5D Parts

Front to Back

Up and Down

Drilling Holes

Cutting Sharp Edges

Milling Slots

Simple Geometries

Lowest start-up Costs

CNC Lathe

CNC Lathe.jpeg

AKA 2-Axis

High Precision

High Efficiency

Turning Cylindrical Surface



Various Features

Metal & Plastic Parts

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How E2E does CNC

Our customers provide 3D CAD files from which we then use Computer Aided Machining (CAM) software to program straight from the requirements of the CAD file. Our team of Engineers will determine the best method of machining to achieve replicability and productizing.

E2E offers various machining methods from CNC Vertical Mills (3 to 5 Axis) to CNC Lathes. Many products require a combination of both Lathe and Milling to accomplish features of the products. Our method of holding datums between machining operations is a manufacturing method implemented throughout the factory.

E2E’s High-Speed machining methods allow our partners to get the benefit of quality and reduced cost, while not jeopardizing the integrity of the design.

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