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Who We Are

Dedicated to innovation in manufacturing for over 20 years.

E2E opened its doors 22 years ago. We’ve pivoted with each new trend in technology, distinguishing ourselves in the wire EDM and hybrid manufacturing industries.

We're creators, just like you

E2E has decades of experience, not just in machining, but in engineering and design. We’ve been a part of innovative health, biomedical, and telecom projects in the Valley and around the world. Our team lives for a challenge and we invite you to bring us yours.


Our Mission

E2E pushes the boundaries of precision manufacturing by providing our customers with manufacturable solutions, and growing our team members by providing them growth opportunities to achieve next level innovation.

Three Uniques: 

  1. EODB (Ease of Doing Business)

  2. Complex High-Precision Components Utilizing CNC Machining/Lathe and EDM

  3. Minority Owned Business

Core Values


E2E’s teamwork is the collaborative effort of a group to achieve a common goal or to complete a task most effectively and efficiently for our customer.

Take Ownership

E2E’s Ownership means being resolute, problem-solving, withdrawing from liability, and owning the consequences of actions.

Respect Every Individual

At E2E Respect means that we accept somebody for who they are, even when they are different from you or you do not agree with them.

Be Energetic

Being Energetic at E2E means that we are focused and passionate about our work.

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