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Wire EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining

Precision Manufacturing that Reaches New Depths

E2E Leads the charge in EDM

Fast lead times | Design for manufacturability | Thirty years of experience

We provide high-quality and efficient EDM and machining services to innovators and startups who need precision manufacturing and expert guidance. Hand in hand with our clients, we strive to create and optimize each design. We know that we succeed when our clients succeed; so we work collaboratively, bringing our combination of real-world engineering and EDM experience to the drawing board.

Wire EDM is Modern Manufacturing Magic

With its highly complex process and lack of mechanical force placed on the workpiece, Wire EDM may be the most innovative alternative to conventional metal removal.

Our EDM team manufactures components that require extremely small features and tolerances. We determine if the product is a candidate for Wire EDM and determine the most efficient method of laying out the process to benefit from the automation of EDM. Wire EDM allows us to fabricate products from exotic, tough-to-machine materials.

High Accuracy

Intricate or Complex-Shaped Parts 

Exact Tolerance

Fragile Outlines with Harder Materials such as Tungsten Carbide or Titanium 

EDM Services


Wire EDM

Sinker EDM

EDM Hole Drilling

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EDM with E2E

While Wire EDM is not a high-speed machining process, it tends to be more predictable, accurate, and repeatable. It is excellent for low-volume operations with tight tolerances, such as the aerospace and medical device industries.

Wire EDM machining can be performed unattended resulting in a lower cost to operate and manufacture.

Wire EDM can machine harder materials.

Wire EDM can create intricate shapes all with excellent surface finishes, reducing the need for secondary machining.

Wire EDM only uses wire, rather than expensive cutting tools that wear out. With automatic wire feed, you always have a fresh cutting tool.

Wire EDM is well-suited to produce high-stress, high-temperature parts.
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