Wire EDM - Electric Discharge Machining

Electric Discharge Machining Wire EDM

Got curves, complexities and details?
Then Wire EDM is the answer.

E2E provides precision manufacturing as a state-of-the-art EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machine shop – equipped with the latest spark machining technology.

Wire EDM also known as wire cutting or wire burning is the process for which spark erosion is used to machine or remove material from any electrically conductive material, using a traveling wire electrode. 

Wire EDM allows for 90 degree corners and applies very little pressure on the material.  Ideal for tight tolerance and precise cuts, this process is refined and perfected with time and experience.   At E2E our technical staff and operators have been able to develop this skill and therefore offer solutions to customers that will help bring their designs to life.


  • Medical
  • Biosciences

In addition to wire EDM, E2E Manufacturing also offers Sinker EDM capabilities.

Unlike wire EDM, Sinker EDM uses an electrode to approach the material while submerge in oil or other dielectric fluid. At this point, a dielectric breakdown occurs in the fluid forming.

Sinker EMD users

  • Molds
  • Dies

We machine all conductive material, and specialize in producing parts with complex geometries.

Our EDM process allows for tight tolerance cutting – which means we can cut conductive materials with crazy, odd shapes and small details.

Curves are as easy to cut as straight lines.

Complex, extremely small details are relatively easy to produce in our EDM machine shop.

Is your design ready?

Bring us your idea in the form of a CAD 3D model or pdf drawing.
With precision manufacturing at all our facilities in California, Malaysia and Taiwan we are able to provide the lowest-cost solution for your product needs.

Let’s get started!

If you need a quick-turnaround, or would like additional design, cosmetic, and functionality advice, we’ve got you covered with our complex engineering and manufacturing expertise that will quickly bring your idea to life.

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Examples of EDM - Electric Discharge Machining